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What's next?



What's up? What's next?

  • Latest News

    31. 12. 2003 - At long last, version 1.0 has been released. Go to the download page and read further instructions for downloading and building the library. An introduction to the library's concepts and conventions can be found here.

    15. 11. 2002 - Version 1.0 of the "More for C++" library is approaching. A Release Candidate has been provided through SourceForge's file release system.

    21. 10. 2002 - Servlets in C++: write your own Apache server modules in native C++ (for Apache 1.3.x). The new example "mod_sample" shows you how to create dynamic Web content with classes like "HttpRequest" or "HttpResponse".

    16. 6. 2002 - PYML is HTML (or XML) with embedded Python. Everything between <py> and </py> will be processed by the new PYML Engine. Combine the ease of PHP with the elegance of Python.

    26. 4. 2002 - Embedding Python: The new package "script" provides scripting to your applications. The first concrete implementation uses Python as embeddable scripting language.

    27. 3. 2002 - "The More for C++ Garbage Collector": the documentation starts with a description of the library's GC.

    13. 3. 2002 - "More for C++" on "More for C++" now has its own project page on

  • Version 1.0

    In February 2002, I started the first serious effort to publish "More for C++" on the Internet. Since then, the library has evolved a lot and is used by both, "serious" software projects in the company I work for, and other Open Source projects of mine.

    Unfortunately, it took almost two years until the first official release was ready for prime time. Over the last few months, I fixed several bugs and added some features that are necessary for the projects I use the library for.

    But now (31. 12. 2003) release 1.0 entered the stage. It comes with an introduction to the library's concepts and conventions, but a "real" documentation is still missing. Anyway, it is out now and plans for the next release become more and more concrete.

    I'd still appreciate your feedback! Please send your thoughts and comments about "More for C++" (and bug reports, of course!) to


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